"Got a buck?  Come dance at FBomb!"


Fbomb has always been intended as a dance with suggested donations.   We really just want you to have fun and dance with us - so if you are in a position where it’s hard to donate money - here are some suggestions:




  1. Donate your time!  It takes a lot to run FBomb and we’re always looking for volunteers.  Here are some areas where we could use some help:

    1. Front door staff.  This is the traditional option - keep an eye on the door and help greet dancers as they arrive and go through the check-in.  Greeters can feel free to dance near the door too!

    2. Setup crew - we set up the sound system and food around 7pm - an hour before the dance/lesson starts.  Help us put things together for FBomb!


  2. Carpool!  We will PAY YOU good money to bring your friends in your car.  This is how it works:

    1. For every 3+ people who come in a car together we’ll pay the driver 5$ / person in cash!

    2. Note: we request that all parties still sign in and donate at the door.


  3. Bring Food!

    1. We love home-made food!

    2. Register on the invite what you’re going to bring!


  4. Tell us that you really want to dance with us but don’t have time or money to donate.   We’ll get you in!


In fact - that’s one of the reasons we set up the Dancers In Need fund.  FBomb will literally donate half of the suggested donation and the Fund will donate the rest.


That’s right - we’ll give you the money to donate and all you have to come up with is $1 out of your own pocket!





All of that being said - please donate if you can. I've personally "donated" over $1000 to make FBomb happen. I "donate" $200+ each time we don't have enough people to pay the rent. In addition, I currently donate $2 to Dancers in Need for every dancer at every FBomb.


The truth is that I cannot sustain these ongoing losses, so I'm asking you to help out if you can.


“If you are having a bad week or you're out of work and can put in just $1 - awesome! Show up, dance, have fun, pay with your beautiful energy!”