the Fusion Lab Experiment in Collaborative Pedagogy


The Fusion Lab EXperiment was and is an exploration into collaborative teaching and learning techniques as well as community building.  We wanted to attract like-minded people and foster certain ideas and ideals that centered around community, connection and fun.  


Those ideals are outlined in the following document.




  1. Dance is Art.  Dance is the embodiment of Creativity
  2. Dance evokes Emotion
  3. Mistakes are AWESOME.  Mistakes make room for Growth
  4. Being invested in the Look of the dance robs the dance of Life.  It ceases to be The Dance but just a dance
  5. Dance is a Connection.  It is the intersection - the interweaving of souls during one moment in their life.  
  6. We Live from moment to moment
  7. THIS is the moment of importance
  8. Dance does not end.  Not when the song ends.  Not when you leave the dance floor.  Not even when you’re dead.



The Promises

  1. I will let go of my Ego
  2. I will make Mistakes
  3. I will seek to Understand
  4. I will cherish and respect my partner and my fellow dancers
  5. I will open up room in my heart for Change and Learning
  6. I will learn to love - not just that which I get - but that which I must give up
  7. I will pursue an I that is greater than the I, today.
  8. I will open myself and I will share my love of Dance

The Questions

  1. What is it that I want in Life/Dance - what changes do I want to make?
  2. How am I going to get there?  
  3. What sacrifices do I need to make?
  4. How will I commit myself to the sacrifices in order to achieve my goal?
  5. How will I Practice?  What quality of Practice?  
  6. How much time am I willing to devote?