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Local Venue


Sadly, BFD has shut it's doors for the time being.  However we at FBomb want to welcome Ben LaCara to our organizer team! *excited*

the FLEX Manifesto

the Fusion Lab Experiment in Collaborative Pedagogy


The Fusion Lab EXperiment was and is an exploration into collaborative teaching and learning techniques as well as community building.  We wanted to attract like-minded people and foster certain ideas and ideals that centered around community, connection and fun.  


Those ideals are outlined in the following document.

how to get into FBomb for $1 !!!


"Got a buck?  Come dance at FBomb!"


Fbomb has always been intended as a dance with suggested donations.   We really just want you to have fun and dance with us - so if you are in a position where it’s hard to donate money - here are some suggestions:




Local Venue
South Bay Fusion

South Bay Fusion is one of our favorite dances! 

It's on every Thursday night at the Napa Dance Club in Redwood City.