Sometimes, the best dance is less about dance and more about Dance.

it's not about how it looks,
It's about how it Feels.

it isn't about then,
or about when.


It's only ever




it isn't about how we touch,
It's about how we
each together are Touched.

it's not the music,
It's the Muse.


it's not the steps,
It's the Flow.

it isn't about the moves,
It's about the Movement.


In full irony,
it is not the tools we use.
But having given ourselves
to something greater,
It's the tools
We have become.

it's not about my partner's skill,
It's about my Partner.


Who is she?
What dreams are hers?
What has her life been
up to now?
What was her day like?
What potential,
come tomorrow?

What emotions
bubble up through
touch, sight, sound, smell
and other,
perhaps deeper senses.


What makes her laugh?
What makes her cry?

What, of all of Her,
can I attune my soul?


What of my own self,
May I share?

How does she
let go
and give in
and give all
to the Dance?


How do I?


What magic can we,
together weave?


How textured,
the warp and the weft?
How sweet the sound
of shattered Shields
between us.

The shutters thrown open
'twixt our two Homes


Suddenly made one.

I call out to you;
For you.


And oh!
How lovely your voice
come the reply.

And in these brief moments,
we are left breathless
with laughter


and with love.