Last Saturday's FBomb was really fun! We had a really nice group of dancers. Ruth and Mike gave us a really great lesson on Lyrical. I appreciate all the dancers but it was super nice to see all the people coming out from the city and beyond.

One of the standout moments for me though was when a friend of mine came up to me and commented on what a great venue it was and asked if I was proud of what “I” had created. That took me more than a moment to process.


There are so many things to think about in my role as an organizer – not the least of which is how to make the whole thing break even. Just that one issue weighs on my mind week after week. I want to keep the fees low for my friends but if we can't break even, I'm going to have to shut it down eventually. The good news … attendance is increasing slowly and we have a whole second room to expand in to when we grow.

Am I proud of that? Well, insomuch as pride involves my own ego – I feel like I haven't yet accomplished anything sustainable. And I said something to that effect during the conversation.


But as I watched the floor throughout the evening and sat with my thoughts and feelings – I noticed something. I noticed my friends (my dance family) and my soon-to-be-friends dancing and having fun and being open and honest and friendly with each other.

When I started FBomb – I began with the intention of creating a place of compassion and love and dance. What I observed on Saturday was this coming to fruition.


So … do I feel proud of what “I” created? No, because I didn't create it.

I feel pride in what all of the dancers have created. Not just in attendance and help and support – but the energy and compassion you have brought to Fbomb.

Some comments I got or heard that night:

“Everybody is so friendly here!”

“The energy here is so wonderful.”

“Everybody dances with everybody.”

“Nobody has turned me down for a dance like other places.”

“Thank you for putting this on!”

“When's the next one???”



… So thank you all for making FBomb happen!


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