As FBomb comes back from hiatus, I was thinking about how our music reflects our values and how to make it do so even more.  This document was originally a bunch of notes to be used internally - but I decided to publish it so that our dancers can get an idea of why and how we choose music.


  • At FBomb, we value human connection and compassionate interaction as highly, if not more than we value dancing.

  • Our passion for dance brings us together, making these quality interactions possible; making community possible.

    • Passion for dance alone does not make community. Community is not something that FBomb alone (as a venue) can provide. FBomb provides an environment in which a community can happen - a sharing around which a community can grow.

    • We do our best to provide leadership, environment and encouragement towards interpersonal growth.

  • Our musical goal is to provide a balance of both fun/known songs as well as songs that are designed to challenge the dancers.

    • We don’t feel like we have to please all dancers all the time

    • We don’t feel like we have to cater our music to any individual dancer's strengths

    • We choose not to focus on any single style of music or style of dance

  • Occasionally,  the songs don't match a dancer's knowledge,  skillset or preference.   We,  at FBomb,  actually appreciate these moments. They are moments when the dancer has an opportunity to choose from 3 or more different paths.  We hope you:

    • Choose to challenge yourself to dance and grow.

    • Choose to challenge yourself to learn by watching others dance.

    • Choose to take that time to socialize and grow your connection to the general community.

  • Our definition of Fusion may differ from others.   Fusion, to us,  is an attempt to learn and bring the varied principles of connection (as in other dances)  together and to apply those techniques to our own dance.

    • Fusion (to us) is not a style of dance and it is especially not a style of music; it is an evolving understanding of the principles of (partner) dance.

    • At some point when we stop dancing any particular style; we start to _dance_.

  • DJs at FBomb encourage this by deliberately providing varied music from multiple genres.

  • FBomb itself encourages this by providing the best quality sound we can.   If we can hear all the subtle nuances in the music,  we can learn to dance and play _with the music_,  rather than dance while the music is playing.

  • Dancers are encouraged to explore and create new movements while using the best partnering techniques that they can bring to the table.


Compassion, communication, authenticity, trust, safety, challenge, growth - all of these things require work.  Everybody involved in making FBomb happen understands that.  The DJ’s are (not-so-quietly) working to shape the environment that brings our community together.