I'd love to hear more lyrical music at FBomb.  :)  I want to give the dancers the opportunity to explore emotions through their dance.  
As DJ's we often get locked into providing a "fun" experience ... but in some ways I want to break away from this at FBomb.  
There is, of course, a balance ... but I don't think we're pushing that threshold yet.  FBomb has 3 main values - Compassion, Growth and Art of Dance.  To me, all of these are deeply involved in what it means to be human.  What does it mean to share space with each other?  How can we interact and grow personally and inter-personally?  How can we give to each other something of ourselves?
I think emotions are one of the main things that tie us all together.  Particularly for men, I think that our current society makes it hard for us to share our feelings.  For a variety of reasons, I also don't think that we make it easy for women to share with men.  And as more and more women step into their strength, I suspect that it gets harder and harder to share their emotions with anybody in a public space.
I think that in order to have a deeper sense of compassion with another, one has to seek to understand.  We have to Listen.
Our dance affords us so much opportunity to learn that skill of listening.  We talk about each dance being a mini-relationship ... but what does each relationship teach us about each other?
As a dancer, I want to step into the emotional quality of the song, of my partner, of myself.  I want to listen and I want to share.
As a host, I want FBomb to be a safe space for us to share ourselves with each other, to support each other, to grow with each other.
If we let it, lyricality in music and dance can help us to explore the breadth and depth of human emotions. ... It allows us to create something that is so much more than well-executed movement.
Yes - I'd love to hear more breadth of emotions in our music at FBomb.  :)