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More Lyrical Music Please!

I'd love to hear more lyrical music at FBomb.  :)  I want to give the dancers the opportunity to explore emotions through their dance.  
As DJ's we often get locked into providing a "fun" experience ... but in some ways I want to break away from this at FBomb.  
There is, of course, a balance ... but I don't think we're pushing that threshold yet.  FBomb has 3 main values - Compassion, Growth and Art of Dance.  To me, all of these are deeply involved in what it means to be human.  What does it mean to share space with each other?  How can we interact and grow personally and inter-personally?  How can we give to each other something of ourselves?

proud of FBomb

Last Saturday's FBomb was really fun! We had a really nice group of dancers. Ruth and Mike gave us a really great lesson on Lyrical. I appreciate all the dancers but it was super nice to see all the people coming out from the city and beyond.

One of the standout moments for me though was when a friend of mine came up to me and commented on what a great venue it was and asked if I was proud of what “I” had created. That took me more than a moment to process.

Music Choice at FBomb

As FBomb comes back from hiatus, I was thinking about how our music reflects our values and how to make it do so even more.  This document was originally a bunch of notes to be used internally - but I decided to publish it so that our dancers can get an idea of why and how we choose music.


  • At FBomb, we value human connection and compassionate interaction as highly, if not more than we value dancing.

the Best Dances

Sometimes, the best dance is less about dance and more about Dance.

it's not about how it looks,
It's about how it Feels.

it isn't about then,
or about when.